Study Opportunities in Newzealand

Why Study in Newzealand

  • Courses becoming popular
  • Among top 10 destinations to live in
  • New Zealand is a cost effective alternative to the UK or Australia
  • Government control to protect the interest of overseas students.
  • One year work permit available
  • Feb and July are the main intakes
  • Immigration possibilities for Indian Student available

Application Process and Deadlines

New Zealand generally has two intakes in a year i.e. February/March and July/ August. However some courses have multiple intakes in a year.

The application process and the turnaround times will vary from one institution to the other. The Universities and ITP’S (institute of technology and polytechnics) have an average turnaround time for an offer letter that is anything between 6-10 weeks. The private institutions will have a faster turnaround time. Hence it is advised to apply early.

There are no specific dates for deadlines. Once the seats for the course are filled they will not entertain any further applications.

Cost of Studying

  • Undergraduate fees ranges from NZ$15,000–$25,000 a year
  • Average PG fees ranges from $ 30000- 40000 per year